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A Student Visa can be granted at any age and allows to work in Australia provided compulsory enrolment and attendance in a study course of choice. This visa will also grant work rights (40 hrs every two weeks) in Australia.


How to start your adventure in Australia with a Student Visa?

Campus Search Education Agency will assist you in the selection of a suitable course based on your budget and career goals. Campus Search will also help you through the Student Visa application process that requires a confirmation of enrolment (COE) that will be obtained from the institution of choice upon enrolment. ​



We are going to support you choose to study in Australia to build your future.


Enroll in a college course, professional, language, masters or doctorate

Heath Insurance

Our team will provide free services to include medical care application assistance


In order to apply for a Student Visa, you will need to meet certain requirements.

Our international staff at our offices will assist you through all the necessary paperwork and in the process of applying for your student visa.

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